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MK 85 – Tony Stark Tribute – SKUNKWORKS 01

July 6, 2023Category : Master Projects
MK 85 – Tony Stark Tribute – SKUNKWORKS 01

This one kick-started our Master Projects : the MK85 Iron Man Suit for the KTM Duke.

Inspired by the iconic Marvel superhero, this project brings the futuristic and heroic aesthetic of the MK85 armour to life on the KTM duke body. The Armour had to be re-visualized to become a suit for the bike.

Every detail of the MK85 suit was studied closely to ensure an authentic representation. From the variations of reds and maroons to the different tones of gold, silver, and grey, we painstakingly recreated the color palette that defines Iron Man’s iconic armor. These color variations enhance the visual impact of the design, giving the Duke a formidable and dynamic appearance.

Our team brought their automotive rendering skills to the table, additionally employing concept art techniques to bring the MK85 Iron Man Suit theme to fruition. Each layer and component of the suit, including the arc reactor, was meticulously crafted from scratch, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and accuracy.

Incorporating bonus features that pay homage to the Marvel universe, we included the Infinity Gauntlet recreated on the front fender. A Robert Downey Jr. signature serves as a testament to the embodiment of Tony Stark. A small tribute to Tony Stark – the character is also present in the form of carefully positioned text, adding a personal and meaningful element to the design.

This project represents our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional and awe-inspiring transformations. The MK85 Iron Man Suit theme showcases the perfect fusion of superhero aesthetics and high-performance engineering. With attention to detail and an artistic approach, we have created a design that pays tribute to marvel while preserving the distinctive attributes of the KTM Duke.

Experience the extraordinary MK85 Iron Man Suit theme for the KTM Duke, where the spirit of Iron Man meets the power of the KTM brand. This one exemplifies our dedication to pushing boundaries, delivering innovative designs, and creating truly unique automotive masterpieces that captivate the imagination.

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